8.8 iSSue

Sophie Sherwin

We are so excited to share with you the first issue, 8.8 iSSue, of our online magazine!

The idea is to give you simple but inspirational and exclusive content that you can enjoy both visually and educationally!

In 8.8 iSSue we’ll learn about Human Design and how it can be a useful tool if you ever feel lost and without any purpose and direction in life! 

We styled up defiance coach and “Human Designer” Sophie Sherwin in 140x140cm classic car design, hold your horses, the title is long: “DS GODDESSES OH M80 3 8S”

The observant one will understand the images title when you see the silk print in full spread flying down the staircase in the old town of Cannes!

We did the photoshoot during film festival in May and none of the photos has ever been released before now!

In the magazine Sophie is showcasing the design from head to toe and really showing off the versatility and multi use in just one SchimJolie Body Silk!

Also we also sat down and had a silky chat about Human Design and how it can change your life like it did for Sophie!

Check out her website https://sophfree.com

The download fee of €8 for the 12 page 8.8 iSSue is to be considered as a kick off contribution and help to finance more issues and good content in the future! 

Hope you will all download on launch day 8.8 at 8pm 🤩😍🍾🥂🎱🎀

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