Film Festival in Cannes is our next call!

We are ready to make the call matching the red carpet with our silky message:


Our call is to change the world, in an elegant way, by rejecting mass and over-production and finally put an end to the buy and toss mentality of over-consumerism!


Our call is to create values and sustainability!


By using only highest quality natural materials, reusing and making the most out of all the already existing g♾ds, we will inspire the world to also make this inevitable call!


The versatility and numerous ways of how to wear and use our silk squares is the ultimate evidence and proof of CALL TO ACTION‼️


Follow our red silk thread and help us complete this not to be ignored call. 


Alarmingly dancing the streets of Pimlico with red call booths supporting our important mission!


Calling it out silky loud in a red vintage dress wearing 140x140cm Ltd SchimJolie Silk Square O’MG Carlton Cannes in the hair...


....L❤️VE is definitely in the London spring air...




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