Capturing the fire of Flamenco

Campaign shoot for the latest SchimJolie Silk Square Collection wrapped and what a truly wonderful, inspiring day it was! Make sure you catch all the great content coming up on our website and across social.

It might seem an odd mix: new destination designs from Japan, music and dance from Spain, and all taking stage (literally!) in Ingrid's hometown of Kristiansand.
But that's precisely how SchimJolie like it!

Here's a few things today's shoot reminded us about life and doing the things we love:

Take the chances you're given.
Flamenco dance teacher and SchimJolie lover Hilde Engebo contacted us out of the blue, offering the opportunity for a collaboration of her passion for dance and our passion for silk. When you have a luxury brand and are building its reputation, each decision must be on brand. But businesses must also never lose their sense of instinct for adventure. At the very least, consider every opportunity that comes your way.
See the possibilities, not the limits.
Flamenco dance and images from Japan, what the hell?! Combining ideas, art-forms, traditions, emotions, destinations - it can all work! Thinking outside the box conquers new boundaries and often creates something new and original. This is the true traveller's mindset.

Make it happen - and with style
Wise words are all good, but it's vital to put them into action. SchimJolie has always been a design concept experience. Turning visions into products, ideas into campaigns, is what we do best. So be inspired to map out and make happen your journey in life. Like the Flamenco dance, a centuries old tradition that's constantly re-interpreting itself, take bold, passionate steps and keep on moving.

Elegance in motion!

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