Pure Pink Passion

Strolling around the beautiful walking path at the Fort Carré in Antibes, France. The pink flowers are waving and smiling at me under the clear blue sky. I think of my passion for photography and how much I love what I shoot.

I would like ‘Pure Pink Passion’ to be about the internal flame burning inside of us. We are all good at something. Find your passion, colour it, nourish it. What is stopping you? What obstacles? If you walk on a path with no obstacles it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. So, see the small pleasures in life, like the wild flowers on a path. Let them cheer you up and give you hope.

SchimJolie Silk Square

Pure Pink Passion (8/9)

European Tour 2014 Collection

Limited edition: 500

Sizes: Body (140cm by 140cm), Neck (90cm by 90cm), Pocket (70cm by 70cm)