Blow Me Away

This design was taken in Copenhagen, Denmark during a trip to this super-cool capital city. I love the Danish people, their open minds and way of straightforward living. They are very sweet and we Norwegians have a saying: “It’s wonderful to be a Norwegian ... in Denmark!” Blow Me Away is a flower going into its last stage of its growth before the wind helps to spread its seeds and create new life.

And it’s similar in life too. You sometimes need to be ‘blown away’ and feel the release, before making a clean start. You cannot go back and make a new beginning, but you can start now and make an ending. In short: live for the future, learn from the past.

SchimJolie Silk Square

Blow Me Away (7/8)

European Tour 2015 Collection

Limited edition: 500

Sizes: Body (140cm by 140cm), Neck (90cm by 90cm), Pocket (70cm by 70cm)