About SchimJolie

SchimJolie is a Norwegian design studio, making high quality, silk, multi-style accessories for the discerning luxury traveller, who knows where they want to go in life.

The brand was launched in 2013 by Ingrid Himberg, a Norwegian art photographer and fashion designer. Her initial concept remains as strong today as it was at the start - uniting a passion for world travel photography with the best wearable natural materials to create a unique fashion statement.

SchimJolie’s journey begins with the SchimJolie Silk Square. A luxury concept piece that features:

  • Stunning images, photographed from the world’s top destinations.
  • Quality material, screen-printed in Italy on sumptuous satin silk.
  • Multi-Style wear, a never-ending array of ways to wear the Square.
  • Mindful thoughts, where every design has its own inspiring message.
  • Collectable value, each Square is a limited edition within a 500-piece run.

Today, the Square is available to buy online or at select stores. The product has been interpreted in over sixty unique designs and comes in three iconic sizes (Body, Neck, and Pocket). Select SchimJolie Silk Square Collections have been showcased in Paris, Tokyo, Monte Carlo, New York, Cap d’Antibes, and London.