Lightstyle traveller sydney operaHow to become a #LIGHTSTYLETRAVELLER

We are so happy to present to you a brand new trend of travelling called LightStyle. We want to enlighten you and give you the new philosophy of LightStyle Travel. We want to show you how our innovative silks are the ideal LightStyle Traveller accessory and how you too can discover how to travel LightStyle.

During 2019 we, SchimJolie, will continue our exiting journey. We will travel, discover and explore. And what more? There are so many sights to see and places to go. That's why we need to travel LightStyle.

And now we are so proud to have put together a completely new presentation and live show to illustrate and explain our concept of travelling LightStyle and to share it with you!

Our show will sharpen your awareness when travelling. It also encapsulates a new attitude and fresh approach to travel and what it means to move around. We are so excited and can't wait to tell you more. Please follow our hashtag #LIGHTSTYLETRAVELLER on Inastagram.

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