Changing the world with photographic silk prints

By: Anna Deutsch | The Selectist | Photo: Alessandra Merlo

In a world where things are disposed of readily, replaced easily and produced on incredible scales, Ingrid Charlotte Himberg, founder of SchimJolie, is on a mission to encourage us to consider our purchases. Opting for life-long buys that stand the tests of time and to save our once cherished possessions from the landfill; with quality comes longevity.

“I want to change the world with my photographic silk prints .”

Ingrid's prints are not only stunning in sumptuous silk, but versatile accessories that aim to reduce consumption, thriving on the “less is more” philosophy. Distanced from the mass production that is so common in our commercial world. Just as in those almost forgotten times when items would be mended over and over rather than squashed down into the already overflowing bin of discarded “stuff”.

The print for each square come from Himberg’s photography around the globe, both encapsulating the brands focus on the environment and the beauty in the world and her keen eye for beautiful design. A rose from the Royal Gardens of Princess Grace in Monaco. The Statue of Liberty framed by the fleeting last leaves of New York in autumn. The stunning architectural beauty of La Galleria in Ltd SchimJolie Silk Print titled "Piazza Del Duomo" of Milan. The photographs alone stand as artworks in themselves. Her images are translated into wearable art.

All SchimJolie silk prints come with a style guide on how to create a multitude of outfits in just one square! The fourty page style guide has 20 step-by-step styling tips. As each corner of the design is unique, there are eighty possible outfits to create – including skirts, tops and dresses – with one square, echoing her brand’s mantra of quality over quantity.

There is a culture in Japan where people are beginning to shed their unnecessary belongings, owning just a few items that serve them every purpose. This concept of a capsule wardrobe is something that Himberg has incorporated into her silk squares. Enormous at 140 x 140 cm in size, not only are SchimJolie squares adaptable, but the perfect travel companion. The silk wool blend scarf/shawl/blancet would be ideal for that extra bit of comfort on those exhausting flights.

“All variations of a SchimJolie print represents what we stand for – Less is More – you only need one SchimJolie and you can have an incredible variation of styles to drape yourself in. Invest in things that have a meaning for you and that give you something more”

It is in this world where fabrication is cheap, demand is high and materials are blended, that pieces like SchimJolie are so valuable. In spending slightly more on higher quality products, produced ethically with a real concern for where our throw-away culture is heading, we really can change the world. While the mass market industry continues to boom, so does our consumerism.

Himberg’s philosophy of buying items that are both luxurious and versatile acts as a much needed antidote to this and proffers the notion that the future of fashion is multi-functional garments made responsibly with the highest quality materials that are designed to last.

schimjolie silk print rolling the rocky alps