Hangin' Tough Campaign - Japan 2018

The passion and panache of the Flamenco dance proved the perfect art-form to 'hang tough' the latest Silk Square designs from SchimJolie.


Possibilities collide, traditions are renewed and opposites attract after our latest collection launched in style with a stunning display of Flamenco in harmony with select designs from the SchimJolie’s new Japan 2018 Collection.


Flamenco professional dancer and teacher Hilde Engebø Pérez from Norway with husband Eulicer strutted in SchimJolie style wearing the new collection.

The themes of striking a strong pose, dedication to perfection of the form, and unleashing the passion of the soul, were all expressed during Hilde's and Euclicer's dance of the Silk Squares.

With the wild, wandering heartsong from the guitar in support, heels stamped and passions commingled in this world-famous folk-dance known for its spontaneity and driving rhythms.

"When I dance Flamenco I am transported like I'm flying. Where I go must be the duende (soul), for it is filled with emotion and the meaning of a moment in time." Hilde Engebø Pérez, dancer

To get a sense of the dedication to physical strength required for Flamenco, Hilde originally trained at the highest level in classical ballet, while Eulicer is a Judo champion and trainer. Both grace and grit are required for Flamenco.

"Flamenco music traditionally belonged to those who were travellers and so always tells a story rich in passion." Svein-Helge Vikse, guitarist

Special thanks to our dancers Hilde Engebo Pérez from Norway and Cuban Eulicer Rennie Pérez. Svein-Helge of Norway was on guitar.

The campaign also stars the SchimJolie 'Building Behind', 'City Lines', 'Who's Framing Who' and 'Skytree High' Silk Squares. All available now.

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SchimJolie Hangin' Tough Camapaign 2018

HANGIN' TOUGH | 2018 Campaign