Hangin Tough - Put Your Sun Hat On



‘Hangin’ Tough’ features some of the world’s most inspiring and interesting occupational men and women. All of whom hold truly unique and demanding work-life roles.

Throughout 2018, look out as each model promotes one of the five values SchimJolie associates with the campaign’s message, ‘Ultimate work and life balance.’

Ingrid Charlotte Himberg, SchimJolie’s founder, has run her company since 2012 balancing being a single mother and a successful business entrepreneur.

Ingrid said: “The need to boldly battle for work-life balance is a modern-day necessity and critical to success or failure. No man or woman should feel they have to choose between a family or having a work career.

SchimJolie’s ‘Hangin’ Tough’ campaign’s message is ‘Elegance in Motion’. The campaign extends the needs of work-life balance by asserting no one should give up elegance, whatever the challenge!’

Norway’s movie stunt woman, Christel Jørgensen, is the first model to star in the new  SchimJolie campaign. Christel represents the ‘model virtue’ of Courage. As the photographs show, she balances on a rail in a SchimJolie Silk Square Put Your Sun Hat On from the 2018 japan Collection