Q The SchimJolie Silk Square I want is Sold Out, when will it come back in stock?

A If the Ltd SchimJolie Silk Square you want is marked with 'Sold Out' in the web shop it means it has to be ordered from our production studio in Italy.

You can send your inquiry by email to post@schimjolie.com and we will contact you and give you more information about when it will be back in stock.


How do I wash my SchimJolie Silk Square?

A Dry cleaning is always the best. Our advice is to avoid washing your Silk Square as long as you can. But you can, at your own risk, wash it in cold water or 30 degrees celsius with a detergent meant for silk. 


Where are the SchimJolie Silk Squares produced?

A We have production studios in England and Italy.