Blue Hour

The Blue Hour is that special part of the day for photographers when the light hangs magically and casts a glimmer on all that can be gazed at through a lens. This image was taken in London’s busy city centre, in Bank. As I emerged from out the Underground, the natural daylight was amazing! The sun had just set and it was very much the blue hour.

‘Blue Hour’ to be about how important it is to make some alone time in the day and find peace of mind. The perfect time would might be just after sunset. Take a deep breath, reflect over your day, be grateful for what you have, send out good thoughts. Find your Blue Hour.

SchimJolie Silk Square

Blue Hour (7/9)

European Tour 2014 Collection

Limited edition: 500

Sizes: Body (140cm by 140cm), Neck (90cm by 90cm), Pocket (70cm by 70cm)