Curve Your View

Upper New York Bay. Cruising south from Liberty Island to Battery Park dock. This stunning image is framed with the boat’s railing, parallel with the city’s unmistakable skyline behind. The water below is a symbol of changeability and emotion, while the hard steel of the railing and the skyscrapers, represent all that is hard matter and fixed.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts or caught in upsetting emotions, know it’s possible to change or curve your view. Accept what is fixed and what can change. Learn to blend realism with the belief in yourself to challenge all that appears unmovable. Your life is made up of your choices.

SchimJolie Silk Square

Curve Your View (2/8)

New York 2016 Collection

Limited edition: 500

Sizes: Body (140cm by 140cm), Neck (90cm by 90cm), Pocket (70cm by 70cm)