Different Rose

Made in the Midlands of England. On a visit to the SchimJolie silk production studio in England, out in their yard was this rusty old fountain, covered with these tiny but robust flowers known as house leeks. The idea of the archetypal English rose came into my mind. A flower not fragile, but symbolic of strength.

“Different Rose” is about how similar and beautiful we all are, but how history takes certain things within categories or types over times and deems some more beautiful or better than others. Wake up, smell the roses! Smell every flower and you’ll see its own distinct beauty. Everything in Nature is a beautiful thing. Just keep an open and loving mind. 

SchimJolie Silk Square

Different Rose (8/8)

European Tour 2014 Collection

Limited edition: 500

Sizes: Body (140cm by 140cm), Neck (90cm by 90cm), Neck/Pocket (70cm by 70cm)