Included items

We produce only 500 limited edition silk prints per design and every one comes to you in its own luxury gift box.
The silk print is carefully placed in the box wrapped in a beautiful handmade silk paper from Nepal*.
On top you'll get the 20 page step by step style guide and the 4 essential styling clips, custom made with silicon to avoid ruining the silk during different styling techniques. 
Also the hand written personalized card, having the story and photograph of the print on one side and SchimJolie's embossed 'Certificate of Authentication' with your name, print number and designers signature on the other side.
The boxbox, style guide, certificate, styling clips
Box, Style, guide, silk ribbon, certificate, styling clips
* This silk paper, called 'Lokta' is produced with respect for nature in small villages of Nepal. The manufacturing prosess, from when the plant is cut, to the finished paper is long and involves a lot of people. Those who work within the preparation of the paper are secured housing, food and schooling for their children. This job maintains village life. All too often people who leave the countryside ends up in the cities with a life in great poverty. The paper also have a healing effect on cuts and wounds. Often used to stop bleeding by the locals.