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We have been to our favourite city London doing a photo shoot with Mexican photographer Luis Artruro Noriega from Mexico City and Chinese model Isha from Shanghai.

She is posing in front of London Eye wearing Ltd SchimJolie Silk Square 'Piazza Del Duomo' that was captured inside the famous mall La Galleria in Milano, Italy.

It is wonderful how SchimJolie is connecting with lovely people from different parts and corners all over the world. And we are so happy to be doing so in the most stylish and beautiful way possible.


When we travel SchimJolie style we move around using the #LIGHTSTYLETRAVELLING philosophy. We want our journeys to be lightweight and lighthearted. We have discovered Airbnb and all the easy to use facilities this app has to offer. And luckily we are not alone. For our London adventure we booked a photographer through the app. We were joined in an interesting international group with a couple of Americans living in Stuttgard (Germany), and two girls from China. One from Shanghai and the other from Shenzhou. During the shoot and walk about in London we chatted and got to know each other. And that's how it ended up in this united and colorful photo shoot with all the different nationalities involved. Its amazing what can happen when you open your mind and connect.

The silk Design PIAZZA DEL DUOMO's Story:

Milan is famous for fashion and a very nice place to go shopping. This image that our Shanghai model is wearing is shot from inside the famous shopping center La Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Amazing architecture houses seven floors of stores and boutiques all under a fantastic galss dome celing. La Galleria is Italys oldest shopping mall, taking 12 years to build and opening to the public in 1877.

La Galleria and many of the other buildings on the Piazza Del Duomo makes one think about how clever and skilled the human race is. Maybe there is some idea or unleashed potetioal in you?

Make a plan, work hard, and, if you don't give up, your hard work will make your vision real.


London Shanghai Mexico City Milan