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SchimJolie's Watermelon Summer Spritzer.

This Limited Edition SilkTography captured on top of Baneheia overviewing Kristiansand City is a fun addition to the SchimJolie Silk Collection.

Ltd SilkZecco is the super silklicious SchimJolie summer cocktail made from watermelon, Aperol, and prosecco. 

In proper SchimJolie style, it's best served in its own elegant handmade crystal cocktail glass as shown on the Ltd SilkTography called SilkZecco. And if you can get on top of a high building or viewing point, it’s the best place to enjoy this summer silks8ion.

The dandelion used as decor8ion is carefully chosen. Dandelions represent power, strength, hope, happiness, health, healing, joy, and youthful thoughts. It symbolizes the sun, moon, and stars. Dandelion comes from a french word and means lion’s tooth.

When you own SilkZecco you own all of the above and you will feel strong, free, and totally SchimJolie.

In SchimJolie SilkTography there is always soft music playing. Music is healing. SilkZecco is playing it loud, but quiet. The g-key and sharp-sign are illustrating the sound of music and happiness in the melody of life.